Eminem - KILLSHOT Mp3 Download
Eminem - KILLSHOT Mp3 Download

Eminem – KILLSHOT Mp3 Download

We’ve got to wait no more. Fans have been waiting for this time to come since the start of the month. Days back, Bizarre came through with his own talk-back at Machine Gun Kelly and he talked that he had everything under control, Eminem obviously was not happy as he he really came through with his own response and his new song KILLSHOT was simply brutal. Simply from no where, Slim Shady updated his Twitter page with an url to his new diss-track, which was the his own reply to MGK.

The song begins with Eminem saying he left hickeys on Rihanna’s neck, no one can ascertain if that’s is really true or not, that’s when you gonn realize the main stuff is coming. On the KILLSHOT song, Eminem talks about Halsey, G-Eazy and even Lil Tay in the track. He took his time to respond to everything which MGK said on his own “Rap Devil” and we have waited for fans to pick who killed it. Marshall’s response was solid but it did take him about ten days to share it. Is tha really to be considered?

Check out the new diss update by EM below, listen to the track and call your result via the comment section. Check out other Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly related news.

………………… Eminem – KILLSHOT Mp3 Download …………………..

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