EP: Machine Gun Kelly – “Binge” Ep Zip Download [Upcoming]

EP: Machine Gun Kelly - Binge Ep Zip Download Upcoming
EP: Machine Gun Kelly - Binge Ep Zip Download

EP: Machine Gun Kelly – Binge Ep Zip Download Upcoming

Machine Gun Kelly – Binge Ep: Past Friday was really entertaining and wonderful. The debut rapper Machine Gun Kelly at least anticipated the coming of the rap-god Eminem, but what we aint sure about was whether he knew the magnitude and impact of the comeback. MGK got the reply we was waiting for from Eminem who shot back at the  “Rap Devil” diss, including some killer bullets in fom of words and lyrics in his newly released “KillShot“. The rap-god dropped some facts and tongue twisting disses about MGK that some people actually thought Eminem already won the battle, guess what Machine Gun Kelly objects. 

Few moments after Eminem released his “Killshot”. The Cleveland Bad Boy Machine Gun Kelly decided to hop in to his social media account to talk down the diss, calling it “trash”, he also said it took him long time to reply. Read here; “2 weeks and 3 interviews later…‍♂️ #legshot #letstalkaboutit” Machine Gun Kelly updated on his Tweeter, as he shared the “trash” emoji and an image of some judges holding up “6” signs, literally meaning giving him a 6 out of 10.


Less than 150 seconds, after the update on his Tweeter page, the rapper decided to take on his week’s notoriety and announce the coming of his next EP which he said to be called Binge. The project has already been scheduled to drop this week by September 21st, he Tweeted; “BINGE EP 9.21.18”. He also shared an image which is not sure if it will be the Ep’s cover art, the image shows MGK’s tongue rolled out with the EP name “binge” written boldly on it.

From the updates gathered from HotNewHipHop, it’s ok to suggest that we will still hear more shots from MGK at Eminem on this Binge EPWho knows, it could be a full diss record. One thing we know for sure is that MGK is taking advantage of the diss attention and it seems to be going well for him, can’t point badly at him anyway.

See the tweets for yourself below and share your suggestion via the comment section below.

………………. EP: Machine Gun Kelly – Binge Ep Zip Download Upcoming ………………..

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