Juelz Santana – Liu Kang (Freestyle) [Mp3 Download]


Juelz Santana – Liu Kang (Freestyle) [Mp3 Download]

Some artiste have been trying to portray their selves as ones who loves the extensive arts of Street Fighting. Ones like Nicki Minaj are already know for that especially with Tekken, and it seems the count stil continues as we obviously have another singer who has decided to choose another name.

Juelz Santana has decided to drop anew song which he named Liu Kang, a freestyle really, but the song name was obviously drawn from Mortal Kombat’s legendary fighter named Liu Kang.

The singer somehow keeps the motif alive in a new rendition of Nicki’s “Chun Li,” despite his legal troubles Juelz Santana seems to becoming out stronger.

Listen to the Juelz’s voice over Just Blaze or Heatmakerz production below and stay tuned for more.

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